Im just kinda sorting through it…

Anyway, so I got my spinning stuff out today. Just to kind of look at know. Still got some of those old spoons as well. Ive got two spinning rods actually. I doubt I will ever get rid of them……I cant remmember the last time I used them..probably on the Leven a good few years ago now. In fact the last time I used an actuall spinning rod was when I took my little telescopic spinning rod on a walk along the allander and then the kelvin. At the time I was searching for Pike in the slower deeper parts of the kelvin…there is some nice bits that just scream out Pike.
Anyway, I found myself going through all my stuff, checking the old spinning reel and making sure I had appropriate traces and swivels.
I then got a phonecall from a friend. We had been arranging to head down to the Kelvin together for a few hours but as you know the rain has turned it into a raging torrent so that was out the question. I mentioned that I fancied going to the canal for some Pike and he thought that sounded like a grand idea. Im going to head down in the morning and check it out and possibly he might come and meet me later.
What I should be doing is heading down with the fly rod and having a bash with that…especially after watching Trout N About tonight and it was on Pike fishing on the fly amongst other things.
I think I will head down with the spinning gear, check it out and then go back with the fly gear later. If anyone fancies joining me for some fly action on the forth & clyde canal I would welcome the company (misery loves company).