I know a great place for Pike!!!

Ah yes, that was what I said…..a deep river…I have caught Pike there in the past…hell Claire caught Pike their in the past…..except now we will be armed and dangerous!!


Where did it all go wrong?

We had wire traces, giant plugs that rattled (mine cost £1.50 but Alex bought Rapalas at 10 quid each) a nice autumn day and a river that was stuffed full of Pike. It had all the ingredients for a major day of predator fishing.
Why then did we end up totally blanking? In fact you could say we had a negative count of fish as allegedly Charlie hooked a Sea Trout (which none of us seen…he had a Toby on as he had sent his girlfriend into town to pick up lures).

We were doing everything right…..like er…casting out and retrieveing slowly….my rattling plug scraping the bottom…its only a matter of time we kept telling each other
a matter of time

Should have gone to the canal!


  1. Kia Ora “Fisherman” from the “kelvin” in New Zealand. My blogs range far & wide like your river. A really great blog, that is not a “fishy” story. I’ll be back…..to visit some more.

  2. atkie, atkie, atkie have you no shame…..asking me outright one of my prime spots….secrets must be kept and bills must be paid. I will say it was the Endrick but where to park ahhhhhhh I have paid my dues with bulls and cows…..have you ?


  3. Hi,

    It’s been very interesting reading your blog. I fish for pike in Ontario, Canada and enjoyed reading about your pike outing. Reminded me of the small town with only two restaurants where the local cynic says “No matter which one you eat at, you wished you’d have gone to the other one”. Keep up the fun posts.


  4. I fish this bit of the river every year and its a great spot for Pike and big bags of Roach & Dace, but it fishes best between the daffs coming up & mid July.
    After that the fish have spread out throughout the river or dropped down into the big pond.

    Next time you go, ask Sam or Alan where the big nets are coming from and try a dead roach or Perch and adopt the roving approach. I am sure you will catch.



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