I have won a competition….

So I managed to wangle an evening session yesterday on the Kelvin. I and another Kelvin fisher decided to head up the Kelvin valley closer to the West End. The trout were spooky and Alex had a new 4 weight that he wanted to christen. It was a nice evening and I managed to get a couple of trout. Alex had the fish of the night that decided to do a runner at the last minute…….it was a nice trout too….he played it for a couple of minutes, it took line…….it swerved around behind us……..then gone. There was not much to say really……inside he was screaming I bet!!!
I am not one for deep water but he had a rather interesting time trying to fish at the bottom of a weir..
On our way walking back up to another part of the Kelvin we came across this dead salmon carcass..
salmon carcass
Sad to see, but at least the rain the last couple of days caused a little spate that has put some oxygen back in the water.

Oh and the competition I won? Well when I got my little Tea Stick Bamboo rod, I wanted to get a new snazzy reel to go along with it so I bought a Vosseler DC2. On the website there is a competition where if you take a picture of your reel with a fish you can win a spare spool…well, last week I was down on the Kelvin and snapped a photo, I thought it looked rather nice and sent it in….and won!!


  1. Alex · August 15, 2005

    Just shows you that there’s always something new to see when you go down the kelvin; first time I’ve seen a bicycle in there!

    Congratulations on the competition, Alistair. A fine photograph that will raise a few eyebrows when people read that the trout was caught in the middle of Glasgow!


  2. Edward - sharkie · August 15, 2005


    New toy, new reel and great days ahead in the Kelvin!

    Good luck!

  3. generalape · August 15, 2005

    well done mate. nice looking reel too.

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