I couldnt help it!!

Ok, Ok….so I packed away all my fishing gear…hung up my waders to dry..inside and out (dont want them rotting away when im away) in preperation for going away for a few weeks. Today it turned out lovely so I went fishing. The water is still quite murky and didnt do as well “big” fish wise as yesterday but did catch a fair few. On the dry at a little pool….by little I mean tiny…..lovely little fish..
little fish
My camera is now working occasionally again, I had taken lots of photos but that is the only one that turned out half decent. Anyway, in the one wee place I caught around 4 lovely little kelvin trout……ahh the bliss!!
Spoiled only by teh amount of litter that has been left down at the Vet School. Its apalling…empty crisp packets, iron bru bottles, Glasgow Angling Centre bags, misc plastic bags…….terrible!!! It only seems to get left at the places where people seem to spend a long time….yes you guesses it..people fishing bait. Now people can call me snobby or narrow minded if they want but Im afraid the proof is in the pudding as they say…..anytime i see a crowd of “anglers” all sitting bait fishing I come back later and there is a pile of rubbish left behind them. I apologise to people who fish bait and take away their rubbish i know there is plenty that do but I just get so damn annoyed about it all. And people wonder why I want the Garscube Estate stretch fly only???

Anyway, I am away on holiday for a few weeks so will not be posting much…..i may still check my emails if I get a chance but will not be answering general questions. If you have found this blog after searching for fly fishing on the kelvin you should realise that this site should be viewed in conjunction with Urban Flyfishing on the Kelvin…you dont have to actually have a look at it but it has some nice pictures of the places that I fish….
You should take a wee gander through the archives of the blog as well…..if you click on the months at the side their you will see them….the blog and site are now a year old which is nice 🙂

Ta Ta!!