I am now ill

Or rather I have been for the last few days. It started with a sore throat and has gradually progressed to full on feeling lousy. No fishing being done, but plenty of watching Star Wars!


  1. sharkie · September 22, 2005

    Take care man!

    Wish you well soon.


  2. Eospeh · September 22, 2005

    Okay, Wednesday on the Leven, a brownie,big John from Bonhill at my back thinking it was a Salmon,no chance,being gentleI just took my time bringing it in, the water is still too low,but still a current against the far side. I feel knackered bit of a sore head,but thinking I’ll sleep it off tonight,be on the water tomorrow morning before I go to work.
    In bed until going to work with a good going sore throat and a dose of the shakes that would make a detox participant lok like a brain surgeon.
    Tomorrow tomorrow….So holiday comes,not the six thirty rise I intended,with a pounding skull I head for the water at 10.30,get a clear run at the margin of a high flow,get out to find the guy in the next car had taken a salmon out 20 mins earlier and had move to a different spot.
    Saturday too ill to even contemplate making the pilgimage to the margins of the water which is looking like the flowing mecca we had prayed for,I am writing this PM Monday after returning home so miserable I could not shake a stick,you are not alone my man,the soul is willing but the body is weak! ……I am a miserable son of a bitch

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