I’m not calling to gloat..

“I’m not calling to gloat” I said to Campbell – “I am just phoning to share the ……joy of catching the first trout of the season”

You see, Campbell is a kindred spirit – we both thought if we had our child (like it was planned) in January that would give us a few months with the women and child and then it would be plain sailing for the rest of the year – sure, fishing would be cut down however surely it would not effect things that much. How wrong we were – for those without children – enjoy it my friends – for those with children, I stand alongside you as a kindred spirit – a brother in arms – a hunter of free time!


So this is why I telephoned Campbell – maybe that is why I managed to catch this trout – I looked down from a bridge on my way home from work – I saw the trout rise, I had put my gear in the car just in case this kind of eventuality arose – hell if I left now I would get caught up in rush hour traffic – I got my new waders on – they feel sweet and comfy – I string up my four weight and tie my knot on the scruffy olive – first cast a little too far right…..second cast the trout took the fly and then jumped clear out the water.


10 minutes later when nothing else is happening, I think about how in the past it would be so easy to get down to a river and how lucky I am that I was given this opportunity – I get my phone out my pocket – ““I’m not calling to gloat” I say…


  1. Nice one Alistair, thats a lovely fish to start the season with. Even better that is was an impromptu session.Think I’ll skive off work this afternoon and head up the Clyde, probably wasting my time but you never know….

  2. Hey Mr….well done
    I am glad you had some action

    I had my first session on my new club waters last Sunday….and it was awesome
    the local “Alberto” of East Yorkshire showed me the stretch
    Had 8 trout between 9 and 12 inc and a nice grayling
    all on dries
    the temp was still cold but the fish were rising nicely to midges.

    At last I am looking foward to a good year

  3. Paul – make sure you post your pics in the forum

    Emanuele – you are leaving us all behind with your posh club – soon you will not miss the “special place”

    Simon – Enjoy it while you can!

  4. Nice fish, i still haven’t forgiven you for disturbing me at work with such traumatic news…..

    I’ll forgive you one day.

  5. I will always miss the “special place”…
    and I would gladly swop my club water for any river in Scotland….

  6. Glad to see this happening ,looks like you are doing it right !Having a right good read in your stream ..

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