Hot Hot Hot !

Hot, very hot….not the fishing but the temperature. Some trout rising, didn’t have a clue what to. At this little spot there was around 4 trout going at it like crazy.
What the hell, they refused everything I tried. Additionally there was the insult of sipping flies around my artificial. Eventually I took a couple of trout on a tiny olive parachute.
Like I say….Hot Hot Hot !


  1. alright alister. jsut looking for some advice i ocasionaly walk up quite a high hill near where i stay. there is a very high waterfall right in the heart of the hill. do you think there could be trout here so high in the hill??

  2. No idea Bryan, what hill is it ?
    Chances are where there is water there will be small trout, any idea where the burn goes or where it comes from ?

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