Hey you guys – the ones that receive my posts by email !

Hey you guys – aye, you guys that receive my posts by email – I just thought I would thank you all for subscribing to my blog. When I installed that little script it was great fun watching the numbers increase – when I hit ten I thought I was doing well, within a few weeks it hit twenty, before I knew it I was up to 50 and then into the seventies – it still increases by a few every week.  I know that a lot of people loathe getting stuff in their inbox however I am glad that you like my posts enough to keep subscribed.

What I find interesting is that different people interact with the site in different ways – you guys that subscribe to the email function are more likely to send me a quick email when you have a question or comment and do not tend to post comments or use the forum. Not that I am complaining, just something I noticed – Variety is the spice of life 🙂 


I think it is enough of a privilege that you let my wee world enter your inbox without hassling you to comment and post 🙂

Sometimes I look up and down the list and wonder about where you fish and what stories you guys might have, your jobs look pretty interesting – someone from Microsoft, a banker and  chap with his own carpentry business amongst others – if you ever fancy giving me a computer, advising on some investments or building me a fly tying storage unit just drop me a line 🙂

If anyone else fancies subscribing to the posts all you have to do is input your email address into the wee box on the left which says: “Subscribe to Urban Fly Fisher” – do not worry if you get sick of the sight of me (and people do) you can unsubscribe at any time – I promise I will not hold it against you (by that I mean my rifle with with the bullet locked and loaded with your name and address inscribed on the side)

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  1. Andy C · January 30, 2009


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