Henrys Fork II Premium Wading Shoe

So I have a new pair of wading boots. I received them a few weeks ago (a late Christmas pressie) and I have been trying them on every now and then just to make sure that the fit is ok for the coming season. Ever since I bought breathable waders I have been on the lookout for a good pair of wading boots, mostly because my first three pairs decided to give up the ghost in annoying fashion. My first pair was Vision Extreme dual track boots whichgave up after two seasons- in fact just before giving up they decided to try and take the breathable waders with them. They managed to put a great big metal pointy rivet through the neoprene boots. My second pair was a pair of Snowbee boots which lasted a couple of months before the sole fell off. My third pair was a replacement pair of Snowbee identical to the first that disintegrated after a couple of sessions. Additionally as they were marketed as being good for hiking as well as non slip on rocks (they were funny rubber stuff not felt) I trusted them to look after me in a, well, we shall call it a non slip kind of way when up to your waist in water. Sadly this was not the case- while my fishing partners were striding on ahead with manly purposeful strides I was reduced to holding onto branches and rocks whilst trying to navigate what felt like a particularly jaggy ice rink.
So it is fair to say that I have either not been lucky with my boots or just another victim of the manufacturers wanting us to pay through the nose for equipment that we need for fishing. I suppose it is false economy for them to actually design something that will last for more than a couple of years. Maybe I am a pessimist- but I dont think so!
The one company that I keep hearing about is Orvis and their lifetime guarantee on wading products. I have already decided to purchase a pair of Orvis Breathables when my current ones (Vision Endurance) finally become just one big patch as the customer service is from word of mouth excellent. This is why I decided to buy the Henrys Fork II Premium Wading Boot. When I got them out the box I was impressed – they feel sturdy and the sole is sealed with rubber onto the boot no stitching to come away.
orvis boots- sexy
I particularly liked the insole- it is nice and thick and made of what feels like plastic I cannot see it rubbing around like the other boots I have had. They feel nice and roomy as well- I like to wiggle my toes as well as wear big socks.

THis is what Orvis have to say about these Trout attracting boots:

With new, unique features designed to excel in the water and the internal structure of the latest long-distance hiking boots, this is the most highly evolved wading shoe weve ever tested. Everything about this improved design makes your fishing more enjoyable, from flow-through tongue, foot bed, and arch constructions that keep debris out and drain incredibly fast, a speed-lacing system with one-pull lace locks, and the most rugged, non-shrink materials, this is the best wading shoe money can buy.

# provides superior support, protection, and durability
# non-shrink, quick-dry synthetic Nubuck and heavy nylon mesh uppers
# speed-lace system with one-pull lace lock on the top maintains fit tension even if the lace knot comes untied
# unique honeycomb removable insole lets fine sand pass through, protecting wader soles from abrasion.

So I will wear this boot for the coming season, I will give a more thorough review at the end of the season- with regular updates on the blog as the year progresses , I suppose there is still a possibility that they will explode or something on contact with water but I hope not.