Happy Winterfest, Christmas etc

Santa Claus, Christmas Eve – thoroughly pissed off!!

The wife refused to have sex with him before he left for work, those bloody elves are demanding more money as usual for hardly even a days hard graft (for the love of God they want four breaks a day) and to top it all the computer discs Santa uses to store all the children’s names, addresses and what they want as a present has been lost by an underling…..everything seems to be going wrong.

Just as Santa is about to start shouting at those bloody elves again the chief fairy wanders up with a Christmas tree – “Here pal” she says “ where you wanting this tree?”

And that my friend is why you put the fairy on the top of the tree!!


  1. matt · December 24, 2007


    That elves thing is a classic – where did you find it? It looks like something of a Pavement LP sleeve!!


  2. Alistair · December 24, 2007

    Hi Matt, TBH I cannae mind where I found the picture it was a couple of years ago that I picked it up – doesnt suite everyones sense of humour but I love it – glad you like it too 🙂

    Have a happy New Year !


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