Greys Reel

Ive fished with my Greys Reel for the best part of two seasons now
greys reel
There is something about it that I dont like. Aside from the fact it is quite heavy…..I can live with that though as it looks good…….the thing is it doesnt like abuse.
Now im not talking about severe abuse all im talking about is a good dunk in the water. This has happened a few times now….remarkebly often in fact,,, and as soon as its been dunked the whole action goes belly up…..the drag doesnt work, when you wind in line it starts to stick, when you take out line the spool just keeps on spinning leaving you with a pile of line streaming out. Now if this happens at the start of the day you can iether go home or just hope it goes back to some kind of normal (it wont).
So basically once this happens it must be cleaned a greased. This has now became so annoying that I am considering keeping a little grease with me at all times… fact now that I think about it….im away to put some in a little box!!!

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  1. michael · August 3, 2004

    hi, try the Condex fly reel from Shakespear. I have one (for a 4 weights), and it’s really very good. only about 20 quid.

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