Got masel some foam!! (although no foam at the casting “pool”)

So I bought some black foam the other day. The idea is that I tie up some black beetles for the times that there is not actually a hatch going down. I will tie some up during the week and post the pictures. I know that I always say that I will post the pictures and dont but hey…….
Anyway, the old ball n chain is away for a week and informed me that she did not want to return to a fiance that had put on 3 stones through eating pizza, drinking vast quatities of red wine and looking like a slob through not shaving…..I am on placement just 2 days this week so I may get away with this. I will suprise her though by having a shave on Thursday before she gets back…..HA!!!

Oh yea, I was in at the Glasgow Angling Centre the other day and was impressed at the service…..the guy who served me actually said “Now was there anything that you did not find?” ….”yes, yes” I replied – how about a shop with a soul I thought. I asked about the new casting pool that is advertised and he pointed me to outside at the side of the building…..its quite narrow he said.
Now when someone says “casting pool” what springs into your head??
Think about it……..pool/river/water!!!
The casting pool at the GAC is a bit of ground at the side of the building that has woodchips on it.It is the place where the wall stops and the grass starts. I would think they would call it a “casting area” rather than a “pool”