I stood next to Paul as he lay on the ground moaning in pain. I am not a big fan of sympathy unless it is really bad (giving and receiving) however sometimes when another man has hurt himself and it will pass in a short while there is nothing you can or should say, even saying “that gotta hurt” feels lame. So I stood there gazing at some birds and glancing at Paul just to ensure that I had not misjudged the situation and he was going to require a helicopter rescue. He rolled over on to his knee and muttered something about his leg hurting even more later on and I kinda knew he was going to be ok.

We had been trudging back through long grass after a hard days fishing and just when walking had became almost automatic Paul was in a ditch with his knee connecting to a boulder. My own ankle is a bit off after twisting it somehow as when wading I ended up thigh deep in a bottomless hole and putting it under undue pressure. What this of course equaled was the signs of two guys totally out of practice. Sure, I have been fishing just not in rivers. I have had frequent trips to my wee reservoir and several trips to the Salt however to me “real” fishing is to trout in rivers and I have been doing far too little of it of late. Which is why when I phoned Paul visiting his wee gorge which is deep enough to keep out the wind seemed like a great idea.


The stream was boulder strewn with some long deep pools and wee riffles. We spotted some trout when we first arrived however these were pretty much the only ones we spotted all day. The trout were just off for some reason, when fishing these wee burns it is safe to assume that if a wee pocket looks if it has trout in it then it probably will. If the pocket does not then the next one will. Sadly when this happens again and again it means the trout are not playing ball.

Lots of interesting technical pools.

When we did finally find a feeding trout I managed to prick one and land two in the space of a a few minutes in a few yards of each other. It was a good indication what the rest of the river should have been like if it was switched on.

Me fishing a nice pool, I pricked a nice trout here too!

As we fished up the river I kept on thinking that this would have been great river for Tenkara and vowed that I would get my Tenkara rod set up for the next time.

Looking at the tide times for the week it seems that they should be pretty good for Sea Trout in the salt so a further report to follow.


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  1. drew Dingwall · June 25, 2017

    Good bumping into you today hopefully the dog didn’t put the fish down.

  2. Alistair · June 25, 2017

    I stayed for another 20 mins – The Kelvin trout are not phased by the odd dog 🙂

  3. MarineProducts.net · June 25, 2017

    Nice location mate. These images are stunning. Fishing in these kind of locations are absolutely absolutely delight. It’s meditating in my opinion. Thanks for the great article and images . Keep these these kind of stuffs coming. Cheers.