Glasgow Angling Centre Opening Weekend – this weekend!

You know the trout season is just around the corner when the Glasgow Angling Centre have an opening day ..I was having a gander at the invited guests and guess who I spotted was missing

No John Wilson..

That’s right – John Wilson will not be attending – that in itself should be a crowd pleaser considering he blanked me last year – left me clutching my camera like a chump next to a huge stack of his holiday photos while he wandered off to get a cup of tea or something – not that I can hold a grudge for years or anything (actually I can) however I then went home and wiped all his programmes from my V+ box.

The legendary Paul Young will be in attendance – if you send me a photo of you standing next to Paul Young I will post it without question.

I am pretty sure it will be another event where I will be required to leave my wallet at home by my better half (thank God for cash).

It is on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Glasgow Angling Centre

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  1. Graham B · March 2, 2010

    Where’s Robson Green? 🙂

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