Glasgow Angling Centre (again)

So I had to go into the Glasgow Angling Centre to buy some new felt soles. Now most of my readers are aware of how much I moan about the place having no soul……..and also how I felt that the service was poor. All I can say is that in the last wee while and my last two trips it has been great. My last visit found the assistant asking me how my fishing had been doing. This I might add was the first time that I have ever been asked !!! fantastico This led to me talking about a little small stream action and then him bringing up the Kelvin. At this point I had a choice…..I could either say that this was my website or just say that I heard the fishing was good. Anyway, I said that he should check out my website and the guy said he had already checked it out and liked it ………..and here was me thinking that they would ban me or something 😉

My second visit went just as well …..I was taking the felt soles back and the guy came up and actually helped me to choose what ones should fit. Pretty damn good I thought!!!

Coming from someone who usually slags of the GAC…………..I was impressed!!