Gibson Street

Great, managed to give that Gibson Street stretch a go today. It was pouring down with rain and i didnt manage to get some pictures …..well any good pictures anyway.

I started a good bit behind this ….

and this is looking upstream

To be honest, i pretty much know that within the first hour whether I am going to get some fish or not and today was definetly one of those days…..I trundled the old faithful Butcher through ruffles and then a little Black Pennel. I even put on a little Peter Ross but had absolutley no joy.

Still, I had a good time searching out new runs, I also scared the heaby jeabies out of myself as there is a large pipe/tunnel ,,,,,,here its is

Anyway, as i waded past it I heard a spookey noise and I swear it sounded like a damn laugh……I read too many King bOoks i reckon. I must have looked like a proper numpty charging through the water.

And then i wondered why i didnt catch any fish!!

“leaky waders be damned……….Aggrhhhhhh”

As I was getting ready to leave, a guy I had met last week happened to pass by in his car…..he told me that at this stretch…..

…he had caught some nice Sea Trout. i can quite believe it, it looks a lovely little run. I wish during the Summer I had came down to this little stretch….ahh well!!!!

I fished a good bit down the river from this point as well, looks like some nice runs……i doubt ill manage out again this season but I will certainly try my best….