Gear Top Tip

I am always amazed at the cost of actual branded fishing jackets. I was recently looking for a new packable jacket and thought that my fishing fund balance was going to suffer – there was a distinct possibility it was going to slip into negative if I bought one of the brand names. As I was scouting around as usual I realised that the best bargains for fishing clothing are usually found outside fishing shops. An example of this might be that you can pick up a lot of fly tying gear in craft shops. I bought huge sheets of foam which usually cost a few pounds online for a tenth of the amount as well as eyes for pike flies for a pittance. Christmas decorations are not safe either when the winter fly tying season is underway.

So eventually in my hunt for an easy packable rain jacket I came to the tried and tested outdoor gear brand of Regatta.


They have the above great super lightweight, breathable and packable rain jacket for under 30 bucks. This can fit under your breathable waders a treat or can be shoved into your waistcoat just in case it rains as let’s face facts it rains a lot.

Click Here for Outdoor Clothing at Regatta


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  1. James · May 23, 2013

    My preference is the Tribord sailing coat from Decathlon. I have two: a fleece lined one (£25) and a mesh lined one (£17) both reduced in price a bit in the sales. I first came across these jackets in France – a professional charter fishing boat crew were wearing them. No point in wearing the expensive stuff where there’s knives, hooks, fish blood, bait etc flying around. They are seriously waterproof and very breathable.

  2. Alistair · May 23, 2013

    That is a top tip James – I am gonna check them out.

  3. James · May 23, 2013

    Decathlon is pretty good all round. I don’t know how they manage to sell some of the stuff so cheap – I guess it’s just down to bulk sales across Europe. They sell a 12 foot telescopic beachcasting / pike / carp rod & reel for £10, or 10 Euros if you’re on holiday. Not top quality, as you can imagine, but highly serviceable. Just the thing for Glasgow-style set-lining for parr on the Kelvin.