Gagging to go!!

So I have still not been out this year. I dont know what is holding me back seeing as howI am now actually off for a week. The last couple of days were pretty cold so I did not see much point but I got a text off someone who seemed to have a bit of a bonanza on the dry fly. Vowed to go out today but when I woke up it was pouring with rain…..

Typical…..absolutely typical. I am going to go to the Glasgow Angling Centre and wave about the sage rods instead. Then possibly go out for lunch. Spent a while yesterday in tying mode and tied a few dirty dusters in preperation for a hatch of olives…


  1. Witterquick · March 28, 2005

    Right, after TEN YEARS I’ve got hold of my flyfishing kit. The only thing I’ve ever caught with this bastard is my own self (right leg, just under arse) so I’m eager to prove the world wrong and catch a bloody fish with it. Just wondering though – where in the kelvin can you actually catch any fish?? what types of flies should I use?

  2. Alan · March 28, 2005

    Ihave been a regular on the river for 4 years now,and got the new season off to a great start on easter Friday.With a good stream of olives already underway i caught a lovely wild fish of over 1.5lbs!! As for the fly i used,well you’ll have to work that out for yourself,but all i can say is that those wee flees famed from the Kelvin’s big brother always do the damage for me.I ahve often found that rising fish on the kelvin will take a wey fished in the film as opposed to a dry!! Has anyone caught any seatrout of any size on the river,where? and at what time of year??

  3. Alistair · March 28, 2005

    Been keeping my eyes peeled for you since I met you a couple of seasons ago. Just worked out it was you when I read about the “wee flees” šŸ˜‰
    Sent you a mail, get in touch!


  4. Alan Atkins · March 28, 2005

    Hi Alistair,i now live in Stonehouse and although i still fish the Kelvin regularly i also fish the Avon,which is on my doorstep.So,if you ever want a change of scene just let me know and we could go for a cast on the Avon.I also have some private fishings on the Teith this year and i can take a guest!! so,if you fancy a go at some big sea-trout or salmon drop me a line,speak to you soon,Alan

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