Full of hope!!!

So woke up today full of hope. The sky was blue (it was forecast for rain) and there was no rain (it was forecast for rain).
Got picked up by my fishing partner and we headed down to another river for a spot of early season dry fly action.
We got there and usually it is very very windy…..today it was quite calm……there was some flies on the water and a couple of fish rising. They did not take my flies!! Used some of Roy Christies upside down duns and one of my own Klinkhammers!
In fact it was a very hard days fishing all around…..my fishing partner got 2…..landed one! Missed plenty!!
The first one he lost I had the camera out to take a picture of the trout……..which obviously put a hex on the whole situation..
I missed a few, hooked one that jumped clean out the water and was off when it hit the water!

I allso fell in!……nothing too serious…not a scary close to drowning moment more of a “eak im all wet” situation. It left my hoody arms soaking wet and a nice large amount of water managed to get down th efront of my chest waders ….. wheeeeeee what fun !! 🙂