Friends of the River Kelvin gala day + misc report!

Ok- so I have missed out a few sessions on the kelvin however you have really not missed much.
On my last post I was sitting by the river waiting for dusk and monster trout to rise – it did not happen – to add insult to injury I left a lovely box of newly tied flies sitting on my kitchen table…

A cold weather system has moved in with the wind coming from the east which is notorious for killing the action stone cold dead. Last night I was down in the park with Atkins..we met Paul – new club secretary- and Dougie- old club secretary.
Paul was made of more manly stuff than us as he actually stayed until dark….we shot off early.
It should have been the other way about as Paul was manning the association stall at the annual friends of the river kelvin gala day – Atkins and I turned up in the afternoon with the kids!
What can be better- live music,good fishing chat,a responsible beer in the fresh air and the police don’t seen to mind – they even bought a raffle ticket !
Atkins even put aside his hatred of people in canoes..however was then raging again as they were charging four quid a ride in a river that he actually pays money to use – classic!


It was also a bit of a kelvin forum meet up – I met a fair few guys including the legendary Andy and Davie C – two guys that get to fish far too often as far as I am concerned !


Anyway- possibly raining all day tomorrow however the weather guys never seem to get it right just now so who knows – I might be catching fish – or tying up flies – got to admit it is probably more productive to tie flies than flog the water to death !


The barometer has not been steady it has been up and down like a yo yo all day – still it did not seem to bother the guy wet wading having a cast right next to the gala day canoe trips!

There was a half dozen bailiffs and a few office bearers a few metres from him – nice one mate – you seen a nice pool and just went for it!