Flying Ants!

Not done any fishing as it has been too damn hot and my driving lessons seem to be getting in the way of things. However, other anglers have been on the water and are seeing roughly the same amount of fish as I am- namely doodly squat. Alex sent me this rather nice picture of a ski to add to the bizarre things found in the Kelvin, a one legged skier perhaps who just decided that his other one should be buried at sea perhaps? A hopeful water-skier who’s pals didn’t manage to get through the bushes to build up enough speed? There is surely a story there somewhere!
I suppose there has been stranger things in the river at some point.
For those brave enough to venture onto the river here is a little tip for you- I have seen lots of flying ants here there and just about everywhere, tie up (or buy) some and keep them in reserve for the next week or so as the trout will go wild for them if they get to the river- as Kelvin fisher Alex found last season- he did not have any!

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  1. Alan Atkins · July 26, 2006

    I was on the Avon last night and saw nothing, whereas two nights ago i had a good session with 4 reasonable tyrout coming to my dry pheasant tail. This seems to the the pattern to use on the Avon (and Kelvin?) when the light fades and the large sherry spinners are dancing in the air waitiing to lay their eggs on the water. I suppose this is whenthey are most vulnerable to the hungry trout. Last night , nothing ! I think that when the water temp reaches a certain level (probably about 15 degrees )the trout just don’t feed anymore , even at the dark, and a s we all know there is no point in fishing for trout that are not feeding, somebody correct me if iam wrong !!

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