Fly Tying Storage

You need somewhere to store all your fly tying stuff right?? You cannot afford a couple of grand on an oak bench so what do you do?
You count on the dutch to come up with a practical solution that also looks cool as well. I think so anyway. When I first went to a Fly tying class a good few years ago now (I was 15ish) I was amazed at all the old guys fly tying boxes. They were all wooden boxes with special attachments for the vice etc. They had many little drawers and nooks for storing things. They had made the boxes themselves , were talking real men here!!!. I was always jellous as I had mine in a big plastic tool box that was pretty pap. Oh if only we had an Ikea in those days……
ikea box
A good few drawers, a few big a few small…..very good. Comes unvarnished , but if you know anyone artistic you could get them to paint something nice on it…….like a fish…..or a flower….
I am going to have “I am HOOKED on RADIATION” on the back of mine.


  1. Dave · January 17, 2005

    Love the blog but I have to point out that Ikea are Swedish!

  2. Anthony Mansell · January 17, 2005

    I would appreciate any “info” you may have on how to obtain a blueprint of a fly tying box.
    I would like to build my own. Thank you for your time and any Info.

  3. Robin · January 17, 2005

    We have craftsmen who make all sorts of handmade gift items. At least 2 of them make handmade wooden boxes. There are a whole bunch of them gooing to be posted on the website ( ) tomorrow. God willing. There’s a lot of really neat stuff their. If your a crafts person or a store owner we’d love to carry your wares ore sell you some 1 of a king gift items. ( We also sell fly tying supplies.

    Overall a cool place to sell your stuff.

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