Fly Fishing Tactics on Small Streams

I got this book for my birthday………….another little book about fishing smallish streams!


Small stream flyfishing is a rewarding but demanding sport that requires skill, an understanding of successful tactics, and knowledge of the quarry. This revised edition combines descriptions of tactics with diagrams. Topics covered include understanding the stream, tackle, and wet and dry flies.


  1. Robert Spencer · May 12, 2005

    Hi there, You never give your name in the articals that you write about the kelvin, or is it just that I missed it somehow?

    Anyway, I am also a flyfisher/flydresser- Been tying up now for about thirty years, like tying up Clyde flys also like tying Klinkhammers, Great flys- If you tie them up with oliver edwards nicol plated hooks if you can get them. Also I have some of the old mustad viking hooks 94840 that I tie my Clyde flys on. Currently my two favourite books for Clyde flys are- Clyde Style Flys-By J Read and Lets Fish The Clyde By Robert C Sharp- I dont think you can find better than these anywere.
    May see you shortly planing to join the fold. Cheers Robert

  2. Alistair · May 12, 2005

    pssst. I do fish the Clyde 😉

  3. harry wallace · May 12, 2005

    I have fished the Clyde for over thirty years now.I have tied Clyde style flies for just about as long.I moved to the USA six years ago to live in Connecticut.I fish the New York Catskill streams,The Beaverkill ,Delaware and Willowemoc predominantly.I have caught more fish there on sparse Clyde style flies than any other.I go home to Scotland every year just to get to my beloved Clyde at Lamington / Wolfclyde bridge area.There is no other place i love to fish more and believe me,i ‘ve had a good look around. I also enjoy the John Reid book Clyde Style Flies and i own a copy of Bert Sharpes second book Lets Fish Again.I would give anything to find a copy of Lets Fish The Clyde…but the odds are not good.I need to buy a house in Biggar !!!Good luck to all who love the Clyde and her trout. Harry Wallace.

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