Five things I can’t do without

None essential items used in the catching of fish that I do not actually need but still require:

  1. Lypsyl – ever since I was around 15 years old I used to get cracked chapped lips in the cold or heat. I then started to use lypsyl to keep them moist and…well….un cracked. This has helped me plenty of times when I have been fishing and realised I have no floatant – a little drop of the lypsyl and the fly floats all day.
  2. Camera – ok, some people are going to say this is not a necessity (and some people are going to say my photos are rubbish anyway) but I like taking my camera fishing and taking pictures of the fish I catch and the people I fish with. It gives me a record of the places I fish – on a winter’s night I can relive those hot summer days when I fished with friends.
  3. Sunglasses (Polaroid’s) – there are few things that would make me turn around and go home – I reckon sunglasses are up there with a rod and line when it comes to necessity. Other than for spotting fish they just make fishing more pleasurable, they keep the sun out of your eyes and can stop a nasty headache developing because of the glare off the water. I have fished without my hat – occasionally I forget to put it on – I never forget to put my sunglasses on. There is also the safety aspect – I had to go back to the house last week and pick them up – my wife asked why I needed sunglasses on a cloudy winter’s day – she understood after I had shown her the enormous pike hook that would be swinging past my eyes at speed.
  4. Water – I can honestly say I have never been truly thirsty in my life – I need to force myself to take water with me and to drink regularly. If I did not I would not fish on top form.
  5. My Buff – I have two buffs – a polar one and a plain material one. The polar one is great when it is cold as it can turn into a wee hat when it is not keeping my neck warm. The material one keeps the sun off my neck and covers as a midge stopper during the summer.

What can you not do without ?


  1. Visit Fly Fishing In Yellowstone and view his The Mystery Fly post from a few days ago. That will give you a good reason to always wear your sunglasses.

  2. Im becoming increasingly dependant on my camera when i go fishing, waterproof trousers aswell because i never wade on the waters i fish and i need some protection from a wet arse come lunchtime! And i know its technically essential but i need to force myself to remember my reel these days after a cursed trip last summer. I trudged for two hours on an epic mission through the campsies to get to a burn i had been desperate to fish, I quickly took my rod from its tube, found my fly box, hang on a minute…where is??? im sure i…… SHIT! no fishing that day but a nice walk (sort of) made up for it.

  3. Scott 1 – a pheasant tail nymph in th eye – ouch !

    Scott2 😉 – Sounds like hell m8 – a bit like seducing a lovely women and finding out she is a bloke !

  4. Number one is always polaroids, I would rather forget my rod than specs!

    Next on my list of must haves is a fullers earth paste and a tub of muclin. Tungsten putty also comes in handy for tweaking the weight of weighted nymphs!

    Hope the comment on seduced women being blokes is not from personal experience Alistair:-)

  5. I guess a tranny encounter would be worse than leaving your reel 15 miles away from where you intend to fish!

  6. So long as the sunglasses come off if you speak to folk
    🙂 ….(A pet hate of mine-folk expecting you to speak to them without seeing their eyes )

  7. Simon – as long as it is not the cheap stuff 😉

    Stuart – Had never thought of that – I very rarely take off my sunglasses when i talk to anyone !

  8. I can understand that Alistair .You ( or anyone wearing dark glasses ) can see things reasonably clearly but don’t appreciate that the person speaking to them only see two large black things . What is it they say ” The eyes are the window to the soul”

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