1. I was about to say, stuff that I ain’t getting a ticket now this year… Kelvin Special Ops.

  2. I can’t believe that was nearly a year ago! I remember the day well, the river was cold and a bit high and coloured. Mike had a couple of fish on nymphs, and I think you and I both blanked.
    I would give my non-casting arm to fish in a cold, coloured river for difficult brownies right now!! Oh well, not long to wait now…

  3. Hi Alastair,
    Your two mates look like refugees from a nineteenth century Philidelphia miners camp who are in the woods trying to catch lunch…or maybe its just those cowboy hats that are throwing me somewhat. [Only kidding] If its any consolation; I look like an auld fat specky b**t**d that has no style. Incidentally that stretch in the photo looks awfy like a stretch on the White Cart in the Linn Park…are you sure its the Kelvin?!?!

  4. Alistair,

    Indeed the burgeoning yellow in the middle of G.W.Road brings promise of spring. I like to start a wee bit later, when the cherry blossom is coming into flower! We must meet for a blether at some point.


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