Fishing for everyone – too commercial?

So I wondered who might broach this rather touchy subject and it finally happened in a forum I visit.
Lucy Bowden operates a website dedicated to getting women into the sport called Fishing for Everyone

She says on her site

Here at fishingforeveryone, we are dedicated to encouraging more people into the sport of angling and in particular to get more females out there and enjoying the sport!

Fishing is one of the few sports whereby everyone and anyone can become involved, no matter of your age, race, gender or ability, anyone can fish! Angling is a sport which gets you out there and at one with nature, where you can relax and enjoy the surroundings at your own leisure.

She has appeared on telly and has been mentioned in the angling press on occasion which is pretty good for a young lass just trying to get more women into the sport.

However, Lucy has started punting rods and reels as well as pink waistcoats on her site making people think that she has perhaps not got the sports best interests at heart but is in fact a capitalist money grabbing evil women angler just out to make a quick buck. I jest, I jest dear readers !!

Lucy responds to the accusation on this thread.

She states that:

…it is me who donates 5% from every sale of wellies to the charity, Casting For Recovery as well as promotes and enters the yearly fishing competitions to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Relief.

The wellies are £45 (on special offer) so she donates £2.25 off every sale! I bet she sells a lot of those pink ones!

I shall let you make up your minds!