Fish Kelvin Forum Gubbed + Virus Warning

(This is actually a post on the forum however I thought I would copy it as a post just in case)


This is not going well – Ok – Paul K got in contact a while ago to say his Norton was playing up – saying that he got a warning when he tried to access the site. I pretty much poo pood it – I mean it was Paul right? Laugh Anyway, lots of other folk have now been in touch to say the same thing – well, when i say lots I mean around 4. I have scanned the whole site using the built in site scanner thingy that cpanel provides, I then contacted my host who scanned the whole server and found nothing. It seemed to be mostly when folk were trying to log into the forum so I have deleted the forums and reinstalled.

Um – in the process of this it seems that the forum over at FishKelvin is now gubbed – sorry about that, I will try and fix it soon as possible.

If anyone else has problems either leave a comment or make  post in the forum.



edit: just downloaded the whole site, it was scanned with Security Essentials and Malware Bytes and nothing showed up. I have also disabled the Mobile View plugin as that has been known to cause virus warnings on other sites.


  1. daviec · March 25, 2011

    Will the forum be back?..

  2. Alistair · March 25, 2011

    Yes – meanwhile you can just use urbanflyfisher or Davie’s forum.

  3. daviec · March 25, 2011

    Cheers for reply will be good to have it back..need somewhere members can discuss RKAA matters

  4. Alistair · March 25, 2011

    For some reason I thought you were Andy – apologies 🙂

  5. ANDY C · March 25, 2011

    What reason was that then Ally lol

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