First Trout of the Year…

Yea, so it was caught on a woolly bugger; however it was snowing intermittently all day and the chances of catching anything on a dry fly was utterly remote. Oh sure, I could have used nymphs but I wanted to see what would grab one of my new olive streamers ā€“ it turned out this pretty thin looking wild brown trout.

Quite an interesting take actually, I was dead drifting the streamer through some faster water and felt the thump thump thump of the take ā€“ then it was gone ā€“ and then back again and this time it was hooked. Looking forward to more Streamer action as the weather improves. I used a 5 weight floater with a sink tip this helped get the fly nice and deep into the holes.

7 comments to First Trout of the Year…

  • Nice fish, though you really need to work on your posts a bit.

    Admitting that the fish pretty much hooked itself is a violation of the Fly Fishermen’s Writer’s Code, which stipulates that every fish comes as a result of Extraordinary Skill, a Predator’s Instinct, and at Huge Personal Sacrifice.

    In other words, you waded dangerously deep, made a heroic cast, and set the hook when you felt the tiniest of taps.

  • haha, what about saying the hook was size 22 and the landing net is three foot wide, just to add a bit of scale to the photo

    I’ve been hearing a fair bit about sinking tips, they seem to be cropping up all over the place. Your post is the first one i’ve seen with using it with a lure though. Have you a preference for make of? i think i’ll have a bash at them this year.

  • Point taken Tom – I take it as fact that all my readers are aware that I constantly wade deep, make heroic casts and attract trout with my inner Karma….

    I am modest as well šŸ™‚

  • “I am modest as well”

    Well there’s the problem right there. Megalomania is part of the job description.. šŸ˜Ž

  • Tom – I think I filled in all the gaps! šŸ™‚

  • hi alistair hows u been keep well ma fishing has been going good at the river nothing big just a couple of wee ones .went to carbeith and got 2 4lb rainbow trout but that not real fishing lol i can fly fish know yeha and cant watie to get a days fly fishing in :L:L:L:L:L

  • Hey Nikki – well done at Carbeth – you certainly did better than us šŸ™‚