First outing- blanked (froze rocks off)

Alas, it did not go according to plan. After work another regular Kelvin fisher and I hit a tributary for some small stream action seeing as how the main river was out of action because of the rain. In the end we caught no fish and got cold into the bargain- which seems to be a bit of a tradition when I go fishing with Alex.

I think our optimism was slightly greater than our actual chances of catching a fish. Well, with hindsight that was the case anyway. What we should have done was head down to the river in the middle of the day- at this time last year I was taking trout on olives but now with working full time I have just got to take my fishing time when I can get it.
The usual first trip calamities- how a big thick thing likes fly line get into this mess is beyond me….
It was cold, I mean really cold. I felt as if my nuts were going to freeze off at one point if the truth be told. I was worried when Alex told me he was fucking freezing and wanted to head to a local pub for a pint- he is made of sturdier stuff than me. Once in the rather nice pub I think people were bemused at this couple of rockets sitting wearing waders having a pint…
We learned a valuable lesson- wait another couple of weeks….


  1. Emanueke · April 5, 2006

    at least you got some fishing done…..
    and next time it will be trout rising all over….
    remember that I rely on you for the first fish of the season…

  2. Murdock · April 5, 2006

    Judging from the empty pints and the looks on your faces the day was a rousing success!

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