First Day of Trout Season = Pike Fishing

So I decided that as the Pike seemed to be switched on to miss out on the usual first day of the trout season shenanigans and head out again after Pike. The reasoning was that:

  • We never do well on the first day of the season anyway (the first couple of weeks actually)
  • It was nice calm weather – it would not be blowing a gale on Loch Lomond
  • I couldn’t be arsed going into my loft space to get my trout gear out when my pike stuff was sitting there all handy like.

As it was traditions are there for a reason and of course we were well and truly skunked as we both caught no Pike.
However, as I sit here typing this on a work day Monday morning I notice the sun in the sky and a certain look of spring in the air. This weekend will be my start of the trout season I reckon.


  1. …OOPS pressed enter prematurely anyways reminds me of


    but no cheque book and pen for you lol

    going fishing on Wednesday probably for rainbows dunno where to go yet though ain`t made my mind up.

    Where aboots do you fish the Clyde???

  2. Not sure maybe a small fishery like the Quarter in Hamilton or possibly Roughrigg ,Hillend or Lily loch going wiv my neighbour i drive so distance is no object might even go through to the North Third in Stirling

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