First Bit of River Fishing in ages

So today was the first bit of proper river fishing ive done in ages. I did not go the the Kelvin but went to another river with a friend.
When we got theire the river was still very high but we had travelled a fair old distance so stayed for a good few hours. Enough to get sunburnt anyway. I caught maybe around 3/4 but my friend did not fair so well. Seeing that it was his first time river fishing, he found it a little difficult. He was more used to stillwaters and fisheries.
Becuase the river was quite high it was tricky wading. My friend misjudged his step and ended up over the top of his chest waders…..he actually slipped backwards. Once he got out he had to take off his waders and empty them out….he was absolutely soaked underneath.
So like a proper gentleman I laughed and laughed and took photos. Except now I cant find my camera …….I think I left it in his car……the battery will run out and all the photees will be lost.

Thats karma for ya.

**hilarious photo update**
After finding my camera it seemed to not be working…all my photos were deleted!!!:/