Feel Privileged!

While fishing the river today I looked up……”Good Grief” I exclaimed….”I don’t believe it” – “It cant be..”


The most amazing sight in Nature – the nesting of a “Computeras Chairus” 

David Attenborough eat yer heart out – you guys would rather see this than some crocodile – right?


  1. Hmmm, their early this year. This is a rare sight indeed. They usually don’t nest until full foliage has grown around the nest site to facilitate good cover for their rather bulky body mass.

  2. Perhaps (but I doubt it) this seat belongs to the guy who parked his car in the tree on the double-bend at the Kittoch Water (on the road between Carmunnock and Busby) a few years back…honest…a car in a tree – obviously it had flown up there and added a new meaning to off-roading. Least this chair makes a bit of a change from the ubiqitous plastic bags.

  3. This is obviously the female due to the rather drap plumage. I am surpirised the male wasn’t nearby collecting twigs for the nest site.

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