Fantastico!…..and leaders!

So I was taken to a spot on another river by a friend on Sunday. What a marvelous place. This part of the river is unnusual in that for a good long stretch it is dotted with lots and lots of bushes and weed beds. It channels the water into not just one flow but many many flows and gives the affect that you are not just fishing one river but many many streams and burns with little pockets and their own characteristics.
It was hard fishing…….not in that the fish were not their or hard to catch but the wind was damn strong. If I had got up that morning and was going to the Kelvin I probably wouldnt have bothered. Just goes to show you.
Anyway I have never seen a place that looked so damn fishy……you would be fishing a sweet little riffle and you would look say 5 yards to your right and you would see an even nicer bit….when you got there you would see another 10 sweet riffles.
There was not many fish actually rising, and the friend I was with spoke of a particular pool where fish usually rose. We got to it and to be honest I thought it looked exactly the same as any other part. It was only when you stopped and looked properly could you see that it was a good sized pool in its own right. Any yes, their was fish rising. How many fish did we catch? Well I got a fair few but my fishing partner caught at least triple what I was getting….here he is….putting a fish back
He does that a lot :)…..seemed every time I looked over he was iether into a fish or releasing one.
It always amazes me the way in which Brownies can be such a different colour. Th etrout here had small spots quite close together…..lovely colour of fish. Next time I go I will take a picture of one.

I had bought a new fly line as well. I had allso bought some tapered leaders. The problem I have is actually attaching the fly line to the tapered leader. I know that I could have used a needle knot and attached it permanantly but I just feel Im too damn clumsy and that something may happen to ruin the leader so I would spend ages trying to fix it. When I had bought my new fly line I didnt want to attach a braided loop as they are just so big and bulky especially for fishing dry… I made a loop of mono using a constriction knot…a bit like this from Grays of Kilsyth
grays loop
Well in fact exactly like that….I just stole his photo.
Anyway you would think that there would be a pre formed loop on the end of the tapered leader……this is not the case. So what I had to do on the day was form a loop myself in the tapered leader……..this was in effect possibly the worst thing possible i could have done. What I should have done when I realised it was not going to work was just make my own tapered leader and that would have worked just fine……and would have given me some space to work out what I should do about the tapered leader.
So I stoated in to the Glasgow Angling Centre yesterday and bought some mono and buzzer hooks. Mono to make my own leaders and buzzer hooks to tie some “grey dusters”
Again the service in the GAC imressed me with their courtesy………although I have taken to wearing dark sunglasses in case anyone recognises me and beats me with a keep net. 😉

I feel Ive not fished the kelvin in a while……ive been busy with uni work and being ill………and the wind lets not forget about the wind…….

Oh……i almost forgot…….just as we started fishing we seen an almighty movement in the River……we thought it was a Salmon at first but it turned out it was an Otter…..a big one at that.


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  2. Alex · July 20, 2004

    Any chance you could tell me what river that is? It looks a delight to fish!

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