Fantastic Small Stream Action! + some pretty good news!!

So I went along to one of the Kelvin tributaries for a little evening session, after that heavy rain it was up around a foot and a little dirty. There was fish rising so I knew it was worth a bash..
I was using my little Tea Stick rod which is absolutley perfect for this type of fishing..
tea stick

Unlike one of these green bubble floats which I found hanging from a tree..
I honestly have no idea why people use such things to try and catch perfect little trout like this..
little trout

I caught around 7 perfect little trout and would have got more if SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED had not turned up to get me……managed to get my hands covered in nettle stings getting out.

On and I received a phone call from my university tutor as well, it might interest my long term readers to know that I am now a fully qualified Social Worker. I am thinking of putting a little sign up outside my house “no problem too big, no problem too small”

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  1. Alex · August 25, 2005

    As long as there is no more rain in the next couple of days, the main river should be back to it’s glorious best by the weekend. Congratulations on gaining your qualification, Alistair. Some of these emotionally complicated trout of the Kelvin could perhaps do with some of your advice!

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