Fancy a picnic with some friends dear ?

So today was a nice day out with my wife, my niece, my fishing buddy Emmanuelle, his partner and his 6 month old baby.
It was planned last week at my little barbeque, we were supposed to go to the Tummel but at the last minute decided to go to New Lanark instead. We went for a nice walk looking at all the wildlife and took some nice pictures of the Falls of Clyde.
falsl of clyde
We also walked past the twin pipes of the Lanark Hydro Electric Scheme.
twin pipes
The hydro stations were built in 1926 and fully commissioned in 1927; they are also believed to be the oldest hydro-electric power stations in Scotland
We then settled down for some nice food, both couples had prepared some nice edibles and it was most enjoyable. Claire noticed that we were eating a little fast, ho ho we chortled only because the food is so nice.
After the picnic (after a quick see ya, love ya) Emmanuelle and I dashed to the car and drove to somewhere we could fish for a couple of hours. It was far too windy but we both caught a couple of smaller trout. I also found this rather nice toad.
Fishing in the main current was pointless so we stuck to the pocket water where we saw the odd rise now and then.
None of the big trout were showing and after what seemed like 5 mins it was time to bolt back to the women. We bumped into Mike and his brother who were just starting an evening session. Rather enviously we left them; I am looking forward to hear how he faired.