Evening Session!

So a couple of friends and I went to our little spot on the other river that we know for an evening session. It was hard fishing from the outset, it was totally in contrast to the other evening when it was hard fishing but at least there was plenty of fish actually rising.
Emanuele as usuall caught the biggest fish (this is turning into a bit of a habit)
eman at shoals
And this was my first fish that I actually landed after missing several..
As dusk was settling in there was a massive amount of flies on the water, it was kind of hard seeing your fly and it was pretty nerve wracking as trout would make splashy rises near your fly so it was hard to make out if they had taken it or not. Anyway, after around 20 mins of this I finally got one, playing it on my bamboo rod was great…….
Walking back we were talking about the hatch and catching fish and how every time we fish this river it is never the same……we allso counted up the fish we had caught……
…of course my fish counts as two as it was dark Trying to claw back a little dignity..
…it counts as half says Emanuele it was easier as you seen it rising

Humph….some people!!


  1. Alex · August 2, 2005

    And who says angling isn’t competitive!!!!

    crackin looking trout (both of them!)


  2. Emanuele · August 2, 2005

    Alex, there is no competition going on…..otherwise I would not let Alistair fish all the good spots first…..Humph..some people….

  3. Alistair · August 2, 2005

    IT COUNTS AS 2!!!


  4. MANI-HANA · August 2, 2005

    Hello from Japan!
    Nice Brown Trout. I would like to catch a Grayling someday.

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