Eh what??? its the end of the damn season???

Where the hooey did the season go?
One minute we were all moaning about the hot weather and dead fish and the next I am walking down to nice little part of the Kelvin and suddenly not only is it autumn it is also the last day of the season.
I caught nowt by the way but I gave it a damn good bash. The first thing I noticed down in the park stretch that the recent spates have done a fair bit of damage to the banks.
I eventually seen one fish rise, a big splashy rise. Unfortunetly it did not come back. I had a mighty go at it though..
Met a couple of anglers fishing bait and got into long conversations about where they fish etc…was nice!

I shall be going for a couple of trips on the hunt for grayling, one at the weekend and maybe one other will wait and see what happens.

I am also hatching plans for some pike expeditions, been looking out my spinning rod and plugs. All I need to pick up is some wire traces and some long forceps.
Watch this space!!