Different Days

I managed to sneak away from work an hour early on Friday and was soon at the salt for the correct state of the tide. The wind was blowing hard on this side of the peninsula and the waves were fair crashing across the wee ledge I was standing on. It was fairly tough going – the wind was taking my lure either fair too far away or it would not let me cast to where I wanted it to go.

However after a  half hour a trout jumped on my lure at the last minute – it pulled the rod over and then stripped some line. It was a shade over 2lb and was in good condition – getting fat after winter. 

The next day I decided to take my eldest with me – usually I am not a big fan of shoving my passion down the kids throats however he seemed keen. I guess we could have chosen a better day – the wind was howling and big waves were crashing across the shore. 


“Perfect” I told the boy as we waded into the crashing waves and the biting cold wind – we fished for a few hours and did not even get a touch. I spotted a trout jumping clear out the water and may have had a pull however they just did not seem to be responding – or maybe they were just not feeding. To be fair to the boy he did not complain at all apart to say it was a bit cold – by this point my hands were like ice as well. 

I used him as an excuse to head up the road to get the heating on and have a coffee.


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