Dean the Diving Decorator

Thanks to Stuart B in the forum for finding this little gem from the BBC I Player

Wildlife documentary. Dean is a painter and decorator by trade, but he dreams of being a wildlife cameraman. He’s spent the past few years filming in a freezing flooded quarry in Leicester. Although he’s an amateur, Dean’s footage of courting pike was so good it was used in The Nature of Britain. This film was made to share more of Dean’s fantastic footage. It also features Dean talking about his experiences

Great footage of Pike spawning and generally bullying each other.

Dean the Diving Decorator


  1. scotty9 · July 20, 2009

    It’s a great wee video that! The most amazing thing I thought was the Perch laying completely still on the bottom!

  2. garry m · July 20, 2009

    superb some of they perch looked pretty big id love to see some footage of our local rivers to see exactly whats in there.

  3. Andy C · July 20, 2009

    i want 2 find the place and fish it lol

  4. charlie dunn · July 20, 2009

    aye-but you cannae fish ya deadbeat.

  5. Andy C · July 20, 2009


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