Dash to the river…

Ok – so Sunday I had a plan – the plan was to do some family stuff in the morning and then head down to the town stretch of the River Kelvin in the afternoon – the key of course was to sell this to my wife as some play time for her and the boy – she could then see me through the trees fishing – q=lots of waving at young son.

It got to 12…we still had not left….it got to 1pm…we still had not left…suddenly the fear took me – I could sense that the ingredients to a good session had all come together – unfortunately I was still in the house.

I rushed us out the house and into the car…

I was forgiven quickly...

Eventually I was fishing by around 2.30pm and instantly seen some rising trout – in total I caught two to the dry fly (I fluffed a few more risers) and then the river slowed down to a halt. I was far too late for the action..

Nice Riffle...

I met up with Paul Reid – he managed to tempt a nice wee trout to the dry in some fast water …

Oh bless - look at his wee thingy - looks even smaller in his giant hands!

…and he uses a Hardy as well!

It was a day for meeting people – we met the head bailiff and a pal out patrolling the river and also Stephen from the Kelvin forum out for a walk with his other half. We also seen Derek  Graham through the bushes however he did not seem to be in the mood to talk..

You can wave at me through the bushes...

All in all it was a pretty nice wee session however by around 4pm it was all over – the trout had all switched off for the evening.

Of course it has all changed now – the temp is high and we have a high pressure weather system sitting over us – today seemed ideal – good temp until the evening with some cloud cover – I heard that trout were rising like crazy last night at around dinner time – looking forward to hearing how you guys got on?


  1. David · May 18, 2010

    I remember when you announced the great news that you were to become a father and while we all congratulated you, we knew that sadly your fishing exploits would be curtailed. Many more stories of snatched visits to the river rather than a leisurely day wandering from pool to pool and more talk of tackle than actual fishing. You seem to have become a master in getting the fishing or fishing related activities and the family outings working as one. Well done on that one!

    It does make you more appreciative of the time spent fishing when you get to do it less. I have had one 2 hour evening session so far this season due to the usual family stuff plus some added things such major surgery for one of my boys, another one turning into the teenager from hell, moving house and my wife being made redundant from work. Keep up the blogging and isn’t about time your wee man had a brother or sister?

  2. Alistair · May 18, 2010

    Those days are long gone now David – mind I used to fish every night? – it seems like an age ago now.

    Would not have it any other way though (well I would however I cannae actually say it)

    Only kidding – honest!

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