Damn it all to heck!!

Today I lost my second biggest trout on the dry fly.
I decided to head away from the vet school as its been getting mighty crowded as of late. I headed down to a little bit I know where the water is deep,slow and has a silty bottom . I usually see trout rising as well.
slow and deep
As you can see the casting is pretty hard as well. Anyway, I caught nowt. BUT i did notice this strange bit of floatsam
I wonder where stuff like that comes from?
Anyway, I decided after all to treck up to the vet school stretch and have a bash. As soon as i got there i could see fish rising but none would take my fly.
I walked down to where I caught my big trout the other day, thinking to myself well, he may have moved back into poisition by now. I waded out ……..not a sausage. I came back in and had a think……..I had a look through my fly box and came across the second fly that Bob Wyatt had given me. Now I was saving that for a special occasion, well actually until I had got some materials together to copy it but I thought to myself “bugger it” Ill give it a go. I moved into position and had a couple of casts…………..and then I seen a large brown flash under my fly and it was gone, looked big i thought, remember Im up to my waist in water so I get a good view, I cast again and then this time it took the fly. It wheeled around and jumped out the water…………….damn it looked mighty fine……….did it look the same size as the one the other day……….well…….im going to say no that way i dont feel so bad I think. Anyway, it fought hard and like a numpty i thought to myself……..”im gonna have this one for a photo opportunity”. I knew that I would have to get the fish closer into the bank, so gradually walked back. Its only about 10 yards but the wading is rocky and big boulders creep up on you.
Anyway, the fish was tiring and took a dive under a …..what I can only describe as a big stick…….I then played the stick out for about ten seconds before i realised that somehow the fly had been moved from the fish to the stick…….how do they do that?
I was not amused….
Im going to get the materials together and tie up some of those drys ……..if I can find a picture I will.