Coming to an end..

So the end of the season is almost upon us, I fished the middle Clyde on Saturday for a few hours – there was plenty of flies on the water but the trout appeared to have other things on their minds.

I caught one trout on the nymph, a lovely trout that was very dark in color – did plenty of acrobatics before finally coming to the net.

I am now gearing up for the Pike – I was down at the forth and clyde for a few hours today with plugs – caught nowt but I hear the last month has been slow – I met a long time canal fisher (and blog reader) Vinny who has had some rather nice Pike this year. He also told me some disturbing information about Polish immigrants who are killing lots of Pike – one was even seen dropping a bag of cement off a bridge to take the oxygen out the water. Good grief !!


  1. Alex · September 16, 2007

    Nice trout dude, well done.
    That’s really sad to hear about the canal. I’ve heard of this happening in Englandshire but never witnessed it.
    If I do, I shall pour cement down his bloody neck and see how he likes it! Of course this kind of behaviour isn’t just restricted to our Eastern European friends, a trip down to Blantyre weir would confirm that!


  2. Alistair · September 16, 2007

    It is just one of these things Alex – I have never actually seen them myself, I would like to just to have it confirmed though !

  3. Nicolas Valentin · September 16, 2007

    Excellent blogg I have just found!Was down yesterday looking at the salmon jumping over the weir next to the botanic garden .Saw about 6 making it further ,the biggest might have been around 5 lb !Great to see this in the middle of Glasgow .Then it comes to the polish people,it is true they like to eat their catches ,particularly carp.Anyway keep posting on tight line ..nicolas

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