Cold Bank Holiday Weekend

Apologies to folk who received a rough draft of this post by email.

A cold front started to move in over the weekend – the reasonable temps  of last week gave way to temps in the single figures Saturday and Sunday – Saturday I went to the Zoo (and ran into Mike from Tamanawis at the Monkeys) however Sunday I had arranged to go fishing with Stephen – at the last minute Alan decided to tag on as well.

The Zoo - working out how to catch wild animals for years!

Originally we were planning on the shit pipe river however due to the fact that three of us were now fishing we decided a change of venue to the Clyde was needed – so we left Glasgow where it was actually quite mild and by the time we got to our spot it was pretty cold with a distinct nip in the air. The temp gauge on the car said 7 degrees  – we knew we needed 10 or higher.

We started fishing and after a few casts of my single dry I decided to switch to a dry and dropper set up – Rio had kindly sent me some tippet to review so used some of the fluro for the dropper.

I fished hard for an hour or so – I did not get a take on either the dry or the dropper – Stephen had a fish that took his dry in some riffle however it then shot towards him throwing the hook in the process.

Stephen - only fishes dusk and dawn!

By the afternoon the temp was not rising and to cap things of we had to walk through some cows (possibly bullocks) – Alan did the manly thing to make em’ move – still there was some stuborn ones in there.

I thought they were bullocks!

Obviously Alan ended up doing something right as he started to attract rising trout – the Martins were wheeling above our heads taking March Browns in the air and from the surface – on both occasions that everything seemed to come together to allow the trout to rise he was in the right place at the right time – his tally of trout was 3 to my one – they were all small with nowt over a pound.

It is close up for a reason!

Still – it was nice to be out on the big river even if we caught next to nothing – we had some action with rising trout (to March Browns) and managed to not fall in or twist our ankles.

There is big fish here!

We also learned where some big trout live and how to get at them – which should be fun!


  1. James Mann · May 3, 2010

    It sucks a bit when the temperature doesn’t do what we want. Especially when the weather was great for the whole previous to going fishing. It happens to us here in New Brunswick Canada.

    But I am happy to say that when I got out for the first time this year, which was on May 01, it was perfect weather, not too cold and not too hot. The wind got a little strong for us as we were in a little canoe but we found some great water that was protected by rows of tall trees, which gave us a few hours of no wind.

    We didn’t run into any cows though, we do have to deal with run away cows at one spot we fish for Atlantic salmon.

  2. ANDY C · May 3, 2010

    i see u bumpd into stuart b lol top pic

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