Coarse fish on the Fly

I have had a devasting weekend with big fish lost. I have been telling all and sundry that will listen.
Be prepared for a mammoth groaning session wher I tell you blow by blow how I lost the biggest trout on the dry fly……with the bent kamasan B100 to prove it !

Meanwhile- here is an interseting book that I forgot to put on my wishlist (my birthday is on the 25th). Funny that- I was having a conversation with soemone today about catching roach and carp on the fly in the canal.

Check it out…

The Adaptable Fly Fisher: Wild Trout and Coarse Fish on Fly

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  1. Alan.Atkins · April 23, 2006

    DURING THE BRIEF SPEWLL THAT FISH SEEM TO BE FEEDING I HAVE MANAGED 2 GOOD TROUT AND LOST 2, BUT REALLY THE FISHING IS YET TO BEGIN IN EARNEST I FEEL. However, a lovely 11lb springer from the Teith in the gloaming last Friday night made up for the lack of trout action, a bar of silver now awaiting smoking !!

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