Coarse fish on the fly?

I admit I have no experience of this so am about to but this book:

(The picture is an amazon affiliate link)

You see, there is this huge shoal of roach on the canal that are taunting me every time I walk past – I know they can be caught on the fly as I have read other people doing it on other canals.

Any advice?



    sorry, I forgot to include the web address in my previous post. Some of the lads on this site fish for coarse species on the fly quite often.

  2. PM Englander on the other Forum you frequent, he does quite a bit of this.

    You caught a coarse fish the othernight, how come no mention?

  3. About 30 years ago my late grandfather, who was not a practiced angler, phoned me to say he’d caught 20-odd sea trout on the fly from the day ticket water on Tweed at Coldstream. I rushed round there and in his garage was a black bin bag containing 20-odd dead roach! All were between 1lb and 2lb. Boy was he disappointed when I told him what they were. The successful pattern was a size 14 blae and black, by the way.

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