Christmas Books

I thought I would make a few posts about Christmas books – in these deep dark winter (and lets not talk about the rain) nights thoughts turn from fishing (unless you are a bit crazy) to a spot of fly tying or even thoughts on tactics for the next season.

So here are three quality books that no fly fisher/tyer should be without – you can of course click through the book pictures to but straight from Amazon.

As fly tying books go “Production Fly Tying” is had to beat – it shows all the techniques you would need with easy to follow photos. This is not a step by step fly pattern book – this is a step by step technique book.

Got to admit – this is a classic sitting on the toilet book – you can dip in on any page and you will learn something – I like the fact that it is an easy book to recommend to anyone just taking up or is new to fly fishing.

Trout Hunting was written by a guy who lived a stones throw from the River Kelvin yet never actually fished it – in fact he wrote an article for a magazine about it and still never fished it – he then appeared in a television programme where they discussed the Kelvin – it was the first time he fished it. Do we hold that against the man with the biggest moustache in the fly fishing world? Well, no – not really – however he then buggered off to New Zealand to fish for monster trout and left us all behind with back issues of Fly Fishing and Fly Tying to read – luckily for us he left Trout Hunting which is a philosphical look at catching trout.

Anyway, that is three for you to be adding to your Christmas wish lists – by the way – an easy way to save books and to point your loved ones towards them is to create a wish list at Amazon – here is mine – they can then buy the books and opt to have them sent straight to your house – of course some people might say this is just a huge hint to get Christmas presents off you guys – however I just have your best interests at hearts – honest guvnor!


  1. Roddy Finnie · November 24, 2009

    Hi Al,
    I don’t quite understand why folk always gibber on about Christmas books (sorry) but why don’t you try reading during the rest of the year?!?! Infact why don’t you try some writing? From what I have read you could make a wee career for yourself as a freelance, and, anyway, you’d have some real Kelvin experiences to talk about rather the moustached character…another phantom fisherman and would-like-to-believe themselves experts on a particular water…met hunners of these pricks. Apart fae the snoring xmas books why not read some on fish biology or similar as they are far more interesting and call for a bit intelligence to understand.

  2. Jockayethenoo · November 24, 2009

    rofl…. Roddy you have a strange and slightly negative outlook to life, only my opinion and no wish to start an argument 😎

    I love being asked if I want any books at Xmas (and birthdays, June if your interested!!) my dad has the right idea, he gives me book tokens, I can then spend them at my leisure when I find myself in Borders or such… apart from anything else when someone like Alistair takes the time to point out some interesting books he has come across, or for that matter any of the book reviews in fishing magazines, it can help guide us a little when we are looking to purchase…. biology books are all well and good but I must be thick because I find them hard going heheehe…. give me a good adventure story of fly fishing in far off lands, or fun, funny and fabulous trout adventure nearer to home 😎

    best wishes

  3. Campbell S · November 24, 2009

    I love books, anychance I can get my Man Vs Fish back Alisatir, you had it over a year….

  4. Alistair · November 24, 2009

    Still not read it Campbell!

    How have you got time to read anyway?

  5. Campbell S · November 24, 2009

    I don’t, I just want it back……

    See you Sunday.

  6. Roddy Finnie · November 24, 2009

    Hi there Jockayethenoo,
    Am no lookin for an argument either, however, am a bit flummaxed by the comment about being slightly negative…am an upbeat bloke…you’ve picked me up rang (sorry for the miscommunication) but there wan load of mince out there in print masquerading as intelligent reading. I agree that Al has (and its appreciated) just put forward some books for our perusal and I’ve no problem with that however, there is wan load of bile out there…you’ll no the stuff am talking about (easy to find in Trout Fisherman every month) that supposed to be a feature but, in actual fact, its really an advertisement. What am saying (and forgive me if its taken a wee while to get there) but trying and be a little more selective – indeed critical of what is printed: incidentally being critical does not mean that your being negative or anything of the sort…philosophers are critial all the time, ha!

  7. Scott · November 24, 2009

    Roddy, I imagine that most people read a book, take its principle and manipulate them/experiment with them in different situations and end up with a result that was better than what they were doing before.

    None of these books are saying there is only one way to do something and it should be believed.

  8. Roddy · November 24, 2009

    Hi Scott,
    your comments are noted and I basically said the same thing (just used different words) in my last blog. I’ve no doubt that there is good copy (books) out there and by all means experiment, however, and unfortunately, theres an unequal amount of guff swirling around as well. To put you in some kind of a picture…I’ve seen (and attempted to read) some articles in the popular angling press e.g. Trout Fisherman (my pal buys it religiously and I take a swatch at it now and again) and while there is some very good articles there are some that are just marketing copy (advertisements) disguised (to the untrained eye) whereas it would be wholely acceptable if they put a note a the top of the page saying this is an advertisement. Scott I view things is my own way and perhaps a different way from others and this is (in part) to do with my background e.g. Media/Communications/Journalism/Sub-Editing Training…hope that explains my course a little better.

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