1. Alistair Can’t wait until I go to the Carribbean in December. Have made sure the rods are packed for Bonefish and hopefully some big game fishing. If this is the in service you get on the chartter boats good job the wife said she would rather spend the day sunbathing or shopping.

  2. I am kinda kicking myself now that I did not take my fly rod with me to Jamaica to go after the bonefish Jim. Where abouts are you going?

  3. Going to Barbados,Grenada,St Vincent,Bonaire,Aruba,Catalina,Tortola,St Maarten,St Lucia but have been well warned that I will not be fishing all the hoiday. Think my wife is trying to get rid of me. She was looking to go diving with sharks thank god you have to be a qualified diver.

  4. The good thing is your body clock will be out of whack all week meaning you will be able to get up nice and early to hit the beaches before they get busy – with the fly rod 🙂

    I will be expecting a full report in the forum – with pics 🙂

  5. lucky sucky good stuff is that the captains wife and daugter wish i was there havein a beer lol

  6. Ha ha

    The old ‘fishing weekend with the lads’ story eh!

    Interesting that tom’s trout underground readers are so upset by the sight of a girl.

    I just love to contradictions of the US: more porn and more churches than pretty much everywhere else put together!


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