Sorry about the everything going wonky!

If you have been using IE you may have noticed that the sidebar went a bit wonkey around a week ago. The sidebar ended up away down on the page. This is because of a wonky bit of code somewhere that jiggered everything up. As I use firefox I did not notice, it was just […]

The world NEEDS a bad day fishing!

A nice post over at Muskoka Outdoors Blog

If there is something I like, other than a bargain, it is good service. I have written about Riverkeeper before but thought I would again just in case you missed it. It is now nearly the start of the season and I am doing my usual getting my tackle sorted out, what I need new […]

Its Grim up North!

I went for a wander along to the Vet School on Sunday. It was pretty grim, I hope it starts to heat up a little bit, I suppose a month can make all the difference though in fly fishing. I might add that if Bird Flu hits the UK then this stretch will be off […]

February Reconnaissance (disguised as a “romantic walk darling” Classy move!!)

I was trying to work out why I have had such a massive jump in visitors to the main Kelvin website and to here over the weekend. Usually visitor numbers dip sat/sun as people are not at work browsing the net catching up on the fishing gossip. I then noticed that the infamous “Trout n […]

Access all Areas

You know, there are actually parts of the Kelvin I have not fished yet. Here is a nice little bit that I have not given a bash. This season I have made a deal with another of the Kelvin fishers that we will try and get to some of the more inaccessible areas.


The River Home

Here is a good book. It is called The River Home by Jerry Dennis

From the Publisher Join Jerry Dennis On A Journey Down THE RIVER HOME “When you’re rooting around in the water or the woods, miles from the nearest strip mall and office complex, nobody is likely to judge you by your clothing […]

Whet the appetite!

So a few weeks back, Mike, a guy who I have fished with a few times sent me some pictures of Grayling that he caught. Absolutely lovely looking fish and impressive sizes too.

I am afraid i have still to catch a grayling, but to be honest I have never […]

A new season a new look !

Was not sure if this actually warrented a post but I have decided on a new theme for the blog. That is in fact theme and not topic, hell if you come here regular like you will know what I am on about.

Did you know?

The famous physicist William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin was created Baron Kelvin in honour of his achievements, he was named after the river that flowed passed Glasgow University. The Kelvin temperature scale, was named after the little river that I catch trout out of, it was named after its creator Lord Kelvin.

That is what […]

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