You take it when you can get it!

Some LRF action at least!

I am getting sick of Facebook – every time I go on it all I read about is Kelvinators hauling in huge trout from the Kelvin on the River Kelvin Fishers page.

I am currently in a Holiday Cottage that is probably as far down the Clyde as on can possibly go without actually being […]

No fish all year!

Last night I realised that I had not actually caught a fish all year.

You read that correct = all f*cking year!

We are a day away from June and I was damn near on my longest blank of the last 25 years. This is due to the fact that due to a rather nasty […]

Highland Blanks

Headed past the fault line being chased by the weather. First option was washed out and in a field so continued on.

Finally settled with the beach casters – we tried to buy some extra bait in a supermarket but never found any!

Wind in the valley!

We thought about tubing a loch […]

Weirdly, the last trout I caught…

Weirdly, the last trout I caught was not caught in a river.

It was caught in the salt in Helensburgh…

On the barbarian rod as well!


Tap tap tap…

Up and out early doors to meet Alex and drive to a Sea Loch for mostly two objectives – I wanted to catch a Wrasse and Alex wanted to catch a Thorn Back Ray. I also wanted to catch a thorn back and Alex also wanted to catch a wrasse but you get the idea. […]

Brief Rod Waving

I had a blank at the LRF while on a short session on the way home from work – I stopped off at a popular spot with divers a couple of hours before high tide and was glad to have it to myself. I found that sea weed was being blown into my shore which […]


I managed a quick session down at the breakwater – I met a chap (Glen) who fishes with the legendary Frenchman Nicholas from the Glasgow Angling Centre and we exchanged some info.

A chap walked past me and headed to the furthest away point after Mackerel while I hung about at the rocks.

Grab it when you can – in other words missed opportunities turn out all right in the end.

Last night I had a chance to go after trout on the Kelvin however totally blew it. I had just helped my wife from the Dentist (afterwards she had fainted) when I realised I suddenly found myself with a couple of hours spare and my old stomping grounds of the Kelvin with no doubt plenty […]

What is this?

I was fishing using a wee jig off a breakwater when I again caught a fish – this one was even bigger than the other one. I had cast out and twitched it back , the fish had slammed into it and put a fair old bend in my rod.

I sent the picture to […]