It’s all kicking off on the twitter with the Glasgow Angling Centre

It must be difficult for the Glasgow Angling Centre right now trying to choose a fish of the week as folks angling has been curtailed in a major way.  You can tell this because after a recent choice of a well squeezed grayling was chosen legendary fisher,writer and fly tyer Matt Eastham called them out…

Something I posted over at the Kelvin Fisher’s facebook page.

Hiya, I have been fishing the Kelvin now for over twenty years and writing about fishing it over at for the majority of that time. I was the main drive towards “social media”for the Kelvin – some of you can remember the infamous Kelvin Forum wars we had and some of the characters we…

This is totally shite!

What feels like an age ago and was in fact only a month or so ago life was fairly normal. Ever the optimist I was filling my trout box and sorting out my loch gear – I had tied a lot of fun wee spiky things and also collected loads of nymphs which were sure…

Stay at home

Treat people like they’re all infected with some virus that’s going to kill you and we’ll be over this in no time.

Kaboom – 2020 Trout Season

I have been busying away at the vice tying up wee spiky things and have also been sorting out my gear. Thanfully river trout fishing tends to lend itself to isolation so at least we have got that going for us!